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Thank you for your interest in our weekend courses.

To get an understanding of what courses are desired, and in what location, please fill out the form below.
This will also ensure you are on the mailing list so that when any course opens up for registration you will be advised prior to it being listed online, giving you the first option to fill the spaces.

If you have any requests further to the questions in the form please use the comments box at the end.

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Based on the two day weekend with supplies to complete one doll, please select the highest cost of course that would be acceptable to you (for example if you would be happy to pay up to $200 select that, but if you would only be willing to pay up to $145 then select that one) At all times I will try to fill the courses to ensure the best price for all attending, this is just to get a guage on what levels people find acceptable.

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